• Excellent experience with Linux and specifically with Linux on Embedded Systems and Android, ranging from low-level bootloaders and kernel programming to high level desktop and Android applications
  • Excellent knowledge of many different programming languages: Assembly, C, C++, Java and others
  • Good experience with different Embedded platforms: ARM (various flavour, including OMAP), Renesas SuperH, Intel and Motorola, and microcontrollers and DSP (Microchip, Analog Devices, Cypress, …)
  • Good experience with many different development technologies, especially with the cross-platform QT libraries (since version 2.x), and Microsoft MFC / Visual Studio
  • Good experience developing GUI and non-GUI applications, both in mobile (Android, Linux on Embedded) and desktop/server systems (on Linux and Windows)
  • Good experience implementing Computational Geometry Algorithms
  • Experience with DSP and CUDA algorithms
  • Good knowledge of electronics design processes, good experience with Eagle (Cad design)