Some recent project I was involved recently:

  • For an important UK company in the marine industry, I upgraded the linux kernel they was using for his embedded systems (based on Omap4) to the latest available version, rewriting some custom driver that was incompatible with the new kernel architecture (camera interface, graphics system, etc). – For an important italian company in the Gas & Oil industry, I rewrote the control system of an underwater ROV, using the 2.6.20 kernel with realtime patches on a custom Intel based Single Board Computer
  • For a small italian company, I debugged and updated the linux kernel for a custom Renesas SH2 based board, to be used in the medical environment. Problems to be solved involved also a bug in the cpu cache management that prevented the graphics image to be correctly displayed on the LCD panel.
  • For an israeli startup, I designed and developed a Multimedia distribution system based on a central, QT based Control Panel and an android Application installed on many (150+) devices
  • For an american Startup, I developed the support for the Pantech UML290VW for an Android tablet used as a panel for an industrial machine.
  • As a personal project, I designed, developed and managed a civil engineering computer tool for acoustics impact simulation, named Prelude (see:, based on ray-tracing techniques and Computational Geometry algorithms, and developed using Qt4 and OpenGL 2.x. The 2.0 version of this software is currently distributed by the italian branch of a multinational company specialized in acoustic tools and software.