Service Description

In the software area, I have a strong experience with the linux kernel development, especially in embedded systems (OMAP, Intel and Renesas), developing drivers for different devices like camera sensors, USB and touch screen drivers and others. See my other pages for a brief example of one of many project I was involved. Also a good experience with Android internals complete my profile on Linux OS.

At higher level, I can develop for you any kind of software for desktop and embedded systems. I like to use Trolltech’s/Nokia’s Qt Libraries, under Windows, Linux and MacOS, but I can develop also under MFC and Java. As a Linux Expert, I like to use GNUs libraries, Boost and other open tools. I have 20 years of experience with C++, so I am able to use a great set of different tools, as needed. In the last 3 years, I started developing for Android in Java and C++ (NDK).

In the Embedded System Area, I can develop firmware for many different platforms and using many different tools.
I have experience with different CPU cores (ARM, SuperH, Intel x86, Motorola) and microcontroller and DSP (mainly Microchip, but also AnalogDevices, Cypress). Having a great knowledge of the Linux Kernel, I can develop device drivers and bootloaders for different hardware platforms.

In the hardware area, I offer a variety of development services and consultancy that goes from the electronic design of prototypes to full turnkey solution development. Even if you don’t have a clear idea of what you need, I can help you studying the best solution to your problem, selecting the right components and systems, designing the schematics and PCB, realizing the prototypes, testing it, and realizing the final sample to go to the production phase.