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Strong Typing PODs

Identifiying object by a numerical integer is an almost trivial task. In DISPLACE, a very complex simulator I am involved with, there are many of different categories of objects that model different categoris of agents in the simulator, like vessels, marine locations, ships, ports, and so on. Each object has an Id, and it was very natural, …

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A compact CSV parser using C++ TMP

How many times have you implemented a CSV parser to fill a list of stucts from a text file? Personally, it happens to me about every time I have new project. Though it is a simple task that requires no more than half an hour to build and debug, it is boring, error prone and repetitive. …

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The dbus-cpp Library, introduction

While working on a bluetooth based embedded device, I needed to deal with the somehow infamous dbus. DBus and Bluez5 have a very steep learning curve, and if you are don't have access to either Qt framework or glib framework, you have indeed a problem. Glib are very complex C libraries that mimick some of …

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