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Apr 10

Flashing an AllWinner device via LiveSuit from Windows 8

Flashing an AllWinner device using the LiveSuit tool from Windows 8 isn’t as obvious as it seems. First, as usual with a new operating system, not all drivers works and you must find the “right” version. Second, as the previous issue wasn’t enough, with Windows 8 isn’t possible without some trick to install an “unsigned” …

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Feb 04

Qt Creator 2.6.2 hangs under Windows 8

What a bad surprise when, installing my new Windows 8 box, I found that I couldn’t compile any of my Qt Projects! I couldn’t even running an instance of Qt Creator 2.6.2, because when it tries to open the project file, it hangs with that stupid white window… “Qt Creator is not responding…” Well, I tried …

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